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Good food is a major part of the glamping and nature experience. You can prepare your favourite meals on open fire or on a gas stove in our outdoor kitchen. We'll provide you with cooking gear and plenty of ideas for recipes if you wish.

Own inGredients WELCOME

When staying overnight at our campsite, you have to bring your own food and drinks. Our outdoor kitchen with pots, pans and plates is available for our overnight guests. You'll need to do your own dishes - unless you buy the dishwashing service.


Piritta has written two outdoor cooking books and is happy to help you plan your menu if you need help. Check inspiration and recipes from or in Finnish

Breakfast ideas

How would you like to start your day? 

Some ideas:
- Coffee / tea / hot chocolate
- Oatmeal with nuts and fresh berries / berry soup
- Fresh bread with cheese and tomato
- Bread with Nutella or chocolate sprinkle
- Fresh pieces of fruit

Coffee can be prepared with our french press or in a pot on open fire.



Starters / side dishes / lunch
- Green salad with feta, olives and tomatoes
- Sandwiches with peanut butter and boiled eggs
- Pasta salad with cashews, cheese, tomato and basil
- Vietnamese summer rolls
- Baked potato (on open fire / pre-cooked) and different toppings

Warm meals
- Hamburgers
- Tortillas
- Grilled vegetables and halloumi (on open fire) 

- Wok with rice noodles
- Sausages (on open fire) and potato salad

- Banana with chocolate pieces (on open fire)
- Fresh lingonberries with caramel sauce
- Blueberry crumble with vanilla sauce
- Pavlova with fresh berries
- Chocolate pudding 


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