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Forest retreat


Take a break from your daily routines and spend a weekend in the forest with likeminded people. Makkia Forest Retreat is an open event organized together with Makkia Studio. The program includes flow yoga, mobility and movement lessons, trail running basics. and a wellness lecture. You can relax in the sauna and dine outdoors. This event is in Finnish. 

Planning YOUR OWN Event ? 

You can organize your own forest retreat at Virento Hideaway. The area is suitable for large families or groups of friends getting together. We have three outdoor kitchens, four campfire places, two different types of saunas and three tents available for you. The log sauna terrace can be used to give yoga lessons for a small group (< 9 people). 

Recommended max group size is 20 people. There is accommodation space for 13 people in shared glamping tents. You can also bring 1-3 additional tents on your own. 

We can help you plan your event with tips or join in organizing it. 



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