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A NIGHT in the forest

sleeping in A KOTA

Kota is a tipi shaped tent with a wooden floor and 3-5 beds. It has a fireplace that makes glamping comfortable from early spring to late autumn. During warmest summer weeks the fireplace is removed and there are mosquito nets above the beds.

We have two kota tents available. Tents are located over 100 meters apart so that each group can enjoy their piece of the forest in privacy. Kallio kota is suitable for a group of 2-4 people. Kanto kota is suitable for a group of 2-6 people. Dogs are welcome.

Our price range is 120-240 € / night, depending on the length of your stay and the season. You can enjoy our high quality bed linen and winter blankets or bring your own sleeping bag. 

Accommodation includes
- the whole Kota tent
- own outdoor kitchen, campfire and firewood
- pots, pans, plates, mugs etc to prepare your own campfire meals

Additional costs:
- Set of bed linen and hamam bathtowels / € 20 / person
- Activities eg. sauna and water sports equipment rental

Check accommodation availability and prices > 

Spend the night in a TREE

Do you travel with friends or do you have a larger family? We have one Tentsile Safari Stingray available as additional accomodation for a group that has also rented at least one Kota tent. 

The tree tent is usually located on a narrow peninsula with a lake view to two directions. You can take a swim first thing in the morning in a tiny private swimming area.


Of course we can hang the tent also next to your Kota - just remember to ask for it in advance.  

Sheep hides are used as mattresses, as they are soft, warm and not as slippery as air mattresses (which are also available to be used in the Tentsile tent). You have to bring your own sleeping bag!

Check availability and prices >


a Tent night with the kids

Would you like to sleep in a tent with children? Our Kota tents are suitable for a families with 1-3 children. Children love sleeping in the Tentsile - so much that it might be difficult to calm down for the night. With very young children we recommend to use the Kallio-kota tipi as Kanto-Kota is located on a high terrace. 

Large families can book both the Kota and the Tentsile or two Kota tents. 


Just let us know what age kid(s) you have and we'll help you have an easy outdoor experience together. We have plenty of gear that we can borrow for your children.


Check the list of activities and ideas for day trips here >

Contact us to talk about different possibilities >

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