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About us

outdoor experiences made easy for families with children

Virento hideaway campsite is owned and operated by family van der Beek.

"Before we got children we used to go for long hikes in the wilderness. When we got eventually two children, we kept hiking with them. It was a huge effort, and far from relaxing. Then we got the idea of acquiring a piece forest and creating a private campsite where we could enjoy all the best things about nature, without needing to carry children, food and gear up and down the hills in rain.


Virento campsite has given our family and friends loads of joy and pleasure. We wish to give that opportunity also for other people. You are most welcome to visit our lakeside forest and stay here over night."

Piritta van der Beek

Piritta and Jelle van der Beek
WHAT to expect
at virento glamping


Glamping comes from combining glamour and camping. In our case that means a bit more comfort - glamour not so much. Virento Hideaway Campsite offers experiental lakeside accomodation in a cabin or tent. What we find luxury is

  • clean lake and forest with original ridges

  • spacious location, no neighbours nearby

  • good matresses in Kota tents

  • two different types of wood heated sauna

  • outdoor cooking made easy

  • chain of lakes for longer journeys on water

  • fishing possibility

  • an outhouse with a view

  • availability of electricity at the cabin - the tent sites are off-grid

  • location just 75 min drive away from Helsinki city center or from the international Helsinki-Vantaa airport

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