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Virento hideaway is a wilderness glamping site near Karkkila, in southern Finland. What is glamping? A way to enjoy outdoors without the usual stress of bringing everything with you. Read on to explore our vision for a camping trip, and book a night in our lakeside forest retreat.


A night in the forest


tent sauna and other activities​

Forest is a place to relax and recover. You can do that by walking in the woods, rowing a boat around the lake, chatting by the campfire, and by taking a bath in the tent sauna. For longer hikes we recommend the near by Liesjärvi National Park. The area is very suitable for swim-runs. 

Dining in landscapes

Eating is a major part of the nature experience and glamping. You can prepare all your favourite meals on open fire or on a gas stove in our outdoor kitchen. We'll provide you with loads of ideas and recipes if you wish. There is breakfast service available in July.



Virento hideaway is owned and operated by family van der Beek.

"We used to go for long hikes in the wilderness. After having children, we kept hiking, but it was a huge effort and far from relaxing. After a while, we got the idea of acquiring a piece of forest and creating a private campsite where we could enjoy all the best things about nature without needing to carry children, food, and gear up and down the hills in rain."

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